Agawam Cemetery

Wareham, Massachusetts

Section A-3

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Back Section Chubbuck, Roland Chubbuck, Hannah Bumpus, Caroline Chubbuck?, Robbie Field, Eva Field, Leonard Nye, Annie Cole, Amy Cole, William Cole, Rose Henshaw Cole, Edwin Sr. Cole, Gladys Cole, William Jr. Cole Family Click Here for side section

Names from all of Section A-3
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Bumpus, Caroline
Chubbuck, Hannah
Chubbuck?, Robbie
Chubbuck, Roland
Cole Family
Cole, Amy
Cole, Edwin Sr.
Cole, Gladys
Cole, William
Cole, William Jr.
Field, Eva
Field, Leonard
Harlow, Hattie F.
Harlow, James A.
Harlow, Mary E.
Henshaw, Rose
Houdelette, Frederick & Helen
Houdelette, Louis & Elizabeth
Houdelette, Louis E.
Houdlette, Edwin & Elizabeth
Houdlette, Phyllis Frances
Houdlette, William, Abbie & Lucy
Nye, Annie

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