Agawam Cemetery

Wareham, Massachusetts

Surnames in alphabetical order per Section
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Section A-1
Allen, Mary E.
Andriopoulos, Vlassis
Beal, Raymond E.
Carbone, Gerald E.
Clark, Arthur H.
Crowell, Emma L.
Daniels, Elsie L.
Dunkle, Horace E. Jr.
Handel, Lucy C.
Hook, Ruby
Linton, Edna A. & Amy G.
Martin, Sarah C.
Maxim,Alvin G.
Maxim, Elroy Francis
Maxim, Elroy B. & Eva F.
Monan, Leslie J.
Nunes: Theophilus N.L., Maria N.L., Luis, Sebastian & John J.
Walbert, William T. Walbert, May J.
Wall, Harold G.
Williams, Ana Gonsalves

Section A-2
Fisk-Higgins, Abbie
Haskins, Capt Lewis F. & Matilda
Haskins, Levi T.
Higgins, Levi B.
Payne, Achsah A.
Tribou, Martin & Hepsie
Weeks, Bertha A.
Weeks, Willie J.

Section A-3
Bumpus, Caroline
Chubbuck, Hannah
Chubbuck, Roland
Cole Family
Cole, Amy
Cole, Edwin Sr.
Cole, Gladys
Cole, William
Cole, William Jr.
Field, Eva
Field, Leonard
Harlow, Hattie F.
Harlow, James A.
Harlow, Mary E.
Henshaw, Rose
Houdelette, Frederick & Helen
Houdelette, Louis & Elizabeth
Houdelette, Louis E.
Houdlette, Edwin & Elizabeth
Houdlette, Phyllis Frances
Houdlette, William, Abbie & Lucy
Nye, Annie
Chubbuck?, Robbie

Section A-4
Burgess Calvin C.
Burgess, Charles E.
Burgess, Eliza A.
Burgess, Isaac T.
Burgess, Nellie
Burgess, Thomas A.

Section A-5
Shurtleff, Herbert L.
Shurtleff, Lucy H.
Smith, Johnie F.
Snell, William H.
Snell, William G., Delia & William H.

Section A-6
Cushman, Henry & Henrietta
Hamblen, Lemuel H.
Hamlin, Charles G.
Hamlin, Lydia

Section A-7
Reynolds, Curtis C.
Reynolds, Edwin
Reynolds, Mary
Robinson, George
Smith, Mary

Section A-8
Cannon, Caleb
Cannon, Jane
Fawkes, Vernon V.
Gomes, Anthony M.
Holmes, Bessie E.
Holmes, James
Holmes, Marie F.
Holmes, Silman
Pina: Carl, Yvonne
Roza, Mary

Section A-9
Eldridge: Samuel E. & Edith M.
Franklin, Addie B.
Green, T.W.
Jones, Charles W.
Jones: Newton F. & Doris E.
Jones, Sarah V.
Morse, Agnes F.
Morse, Frank A.
Morse, Samuel W.
Shumway, Eleanor F.
Whittemore, Jennie J.
Whittemore, Joseph F.
Williams, Bethiah L.
Williams, Elmer E.
Williams, Enoch F.
Williams, Joseph G.
Williams, Joseph H.

Section A-10
Covell, Jennie May
Harlow, Pansy MacGregor
Terry, Sarah B.

Section A-11
Cahoon, Elisha
Macoy, Uriah
Macoy, Hannah
Macoy, Horace
Macoy, Alonzo & Macusah
Macoy, Elmer W.
Macoy, Austin S.
Macoy, M. Lena
Macoy, Charles Wesley
Frost, Joseph Jr.
Frost, James
Hatch, Everett
Keane, Julia L.

Section A-12
Covell, Arthur B.
Hatch, Everett G.
Hatch, Emma D.
Johnson, W.V.
Johnson, Catherine B.
Kimball, Amos A. & Inez A.
Long, Charles H. & Marie H.

Section B-1
Barney, Emma Jane
Barney, Fozy
Barney, Joseph
Bilodeau, Esther L.
Bilodeau, Eugene J.
Cotton-Swift, Eldora
Gallagher, James R.
Hood, Otis
Jordan, Joseph
Joy, Annie
LaGasse, George, Effie
Libbey, Violet E.
Moody, Chyllena
Moody, Jessie
Morse, Henry G., George E.
Stringer, Edmund, Edmund Jr., Victoria, Carrie
Swift, Asa C.
Swift, Augusta M.
Swift, Jessie W.
Unknown 1
Willams, P.B.
Wrightington Isaac, Dora, Thomas

Section B-2
Benson, Linnie Ellis
Benson, Martin V. B.
Benson, Mary Dexter
Wright, Caroline S.
Wright, Sarah G.
Wright, Stephen

Section B-3
Murdock, Gertrude
Russell, Isaac
Sherman, Frank W.
Sherman, Hulda A.
Sherman, Joseph S.
Sherman, Lucy S.
Sherman, Nathaniel
Sherman, N. Augustus
Sherman, Sarah

Section B-4
Covell, A. Clifton
Covell, Alfred C.
Covell, Charity W.
Covell, Clara E.V.
Covell, Grace W.
Covell, Hiram C.
Covell, Leon D.
Covell, Lucia H.
Covell, Oria C.
Vaughan, Laura W.

Section B-5
Barnard, Benjamin A.
Barnard, Maria w/Benjamin
Churbuck, Ernest S. & Marian R.
Churbuck: Samuel, Arthur, Harriet & Jane
Gibbs, Mary E.
Peirce, Charles & Abbie

Section B-6
Baker, Ida May
Beckett, Helen L.
Beckett, Howard P.
Burgess, Helen M.
Burgess, James Capt.
Burgess, John S.
Burgess, M?.J.
Burgess, M. Jennie
Wolfe, Marion W.

Section B-7
Hall, Amie A.H.
Hall, Henry W.
Mantia, Brandon
Robbins, Lloyd & Mildred
Robbins, Nellie B.
Rounsville, Burton K.
Rounsville, Gladys B.
Rounsville, Joseph B.
Rounsville, Joseph D.
Rounsville, Martha B.
Rounsille, Philander B.
Rounsville, Ruby A.

Section B-8
Eldredge, Charles & Lettie
Hammond, Merrill W.
Hammond, Sadie B.
Hammond, William W.
Swift, Hannah S.
Swift, Obed
Tripp, Nathan
Tripp: Nathan M., Julia A. & Nathan W.
Tripp, Sadie

Section B-9
Boeker, Annabelle C.
Burgess, Calvin C.
Burgess, Lucy Ann
Chubbuck, Etta
Covel, Alanson T.
Sayer, Frederick P & Sayer, Annie Burgess

Section B-10
Gibbs, Delia P.
Gibbs, Edwin F.
Gibbs, Grace D.
Gibbs, Hannah S.
Gibbs, Nathan P.
Gibbs, Seth
Spooner, Charles F.
Spooner, Edna F.

Section B-11
Besse, Frederick F.
Besse, Herbert Clifton
Besse, Sophia F.
Cummings, Charles H.
Cummings, Mary R.
Cummings, Minnie Eva
Cummings, M.B. Rev.
Gibbs: William, Martha & Helen
Savery, Abigail T.
Savery, Abigail T. (daughter)
Savery, William Capt.

Section B-12
Gibbs, Edward J.
Gibbs, Elisha B.
Gibbs, Hannah C.
Gibbs, John
Gibbs, Jonathan
Gibbs, Lucina

Section B-13
Bryant, Charles Jr.
Bryant, C. Herbert Sr.
Bryant, Elizabeth T.
Fosdick, Charles
Fosdick, Mary S.
Griffith, James H.
Griffith, Janet Anne
Griffith, Jessie W.
Griffith, Margaret W.
Miller, Alexander
Miller, Sarah C.
Ramsdell, Maria Jennings
Shurtleff, Arthur
Shurtleff, Mamie
Wither, William A.S.

Section B-14
Eldridge, Mary & Joseph
Eldridge, Percy & Elizabeth
Hathaway: Charles, Mary, Herbert, Benjamin, Fannie, Helen, Eliza, Frank, Winfield
Westgate, Sarah J.

Section B-15
Churbuck, Christina Ferguson
Churbuck, Clifford N.
Churbuck, Horace C.
Churbuck, Kenneth T.
Churbuck, Lydia Nightengale
Churbuck Mercy J.K.
Churbuck, Thomas A.
Covell, Bessie C.

Section B-16
Ames, Frankie & Alice
Blackwell, Ellis
Blackwell, Elizabeth
Blackwell, Mary A.
Davis, Martha L.
Fiske, Eliza M.
Fiske, Nathan A.
Long: Albert W., Nancy L.G., Francelia L., John C.
Westgate, Almira
Westgate, Benjamin
Westgate, Elnorah
Wheeler, Albert & Lucy

Section B-17
Douglass, Abby Hoppin
Douglass, David Bates
Douglass, Malcom D.D.
Douglass, Mary Caroline
Douglass, Sarah Elizabeth
Hamblen, Charles Whitman
Hamblen, John W.
Hamblen, Sally A.
Rogers, James T.

Section B-18
Ames, Estella S.
Ames, Frankie & Alice
Chase, Almira A.
Chase, William E. (Everard?)
Dana, Eliza J.
Dana, Francis
White, Fannie E.
White, I. Perry
Wickson, Louisa

Section B-19
Andrews, Octavo A. & Anna N.
Baker, Kate & Albert
Barker, Leonard & Nancy S.
Barker, Leonard E.
Toupence, Doris B. & Ferdinand J.

Section C-1
Bumpus, Henry F.P.
Bumpus, Maria E.
Lackore, Martin
Perry, Abby T.
Perry, David A.
Perry, Elizabeth B.
Perry, Sarah C.

Section C-2
Chubbuck, Nancy
Chubbuck, Roland Jr.
Churbuck, Ephriam
Churbuck, Ferdinand
Churbuck, Lucy
Wilber, Annis R.

Section C-3
Blackwell, Jas L.
Bourne, Albert H.
Bourne, Caroline
Bourne, Samuel S.
Gibbs, Abisha
Gibbs, Malinda Look
Raymond, Emily F.
Shaw, Matilda

Section C-4
Benson, Abigail
Benson, Abisha
Benson, Esther
Benson, William
Benson, William G.
Besse, Frankie
Besse, Nellie
Churbuck, Alton Clifford
Churbuck, Betsey G.
Churbuck, Edwin Forrest
Churbuck, Hannah
Churbuck, Henry Augustus
Churbuck, Horace C.
Churbuck, Horace Mann
Churbuck, Capt. Thomas S.
Churbuck, Willis B.
Covil, Almira
Gibbs, Abisha
Gibbs, Malinda Look
Gregory, Hannah E.
Gregory, Henry W.
Hamblen, Job H.
Shaw, Matilda
Smith, Hanford
Smith, Martin
Smith, Salome
Swift, Cynthia
Swift, J.M.
Swift, Julia A.
Swift, Laura A.
Swift, Laura W.
Swift, Lucy S.
Swift, Richard N.
Swift, Sarah A.
Swift, Warren Wheeler
Wrightington, Phebe T.

Section C-5
Hamblen, 2 Sons
Hamblen, Lavina
Hamblen, Captain Nathaniel
Hamblen, Charles F.
Hamblen, Nathan C.
Kinney, Amos J.
Kinney, Amos P.
Kinney, Celeste
Kinney, Charles
Kinney, Emma
Kinney, Isabel
Kinney Laura A. M.
Kinney, Mary I.
Kinney, Tirza S.
Ryder, Carrie R.
Ryder, Carrie
Ryder, Ruth S.

Section C-6
Bumpus, Alnora F.
Bumpus, Arthington P.
Bumpus, Rosanna F.M.
Bumpus, Vianna P.
Holmes, Nehemiah F.

Section C-7
Bumpus, Alonzo P.
Ellis, Ebenezer, Betsey D., Clarissa A. & Charles W.
Keyes, Emily Footstone
Keyes, Harmonie B.
Keyes, Luella A.
Keyes, William Footstone
Keyes, William & Emily
Westgate, Lydia Turner
Westgate, Robert C.

Section C-8
Bourne, Margaret
Bourne, Minnie
Bourne, Emma W.
Bourne, Horace B. & Hulda F.
Bourne, Lillie N.
Bourne, Silvanus
Snell, Alex
Snell, Samuel B.
Tooher, William & Muriel

Section C-9
Bourne, Abigail J.
Bourne, Abigail N.
Bourne, Benjamin C.
Bourne, Ebenezer
Bourne, Tabitha C.
Bumpus, Francenia A.
Bumpus, Francenia M.
Bumpus, James
Bumpus, Ruth C.
Savery, Levi A.
Savery, Mary Ann
Savery, Mary V.
Savery, Wilhelmina I.
Savery, William 2nd
Unknown Infant

Section C-10
Bryant, Ebenezer
Bryant, Sophia
Burgess, Ebenezer
Burgess, Frederick A.
Burgess, Stephen C. & Sarah B.
Collins, John H.
Covell, John C. & Fannie C. Morrill

Section C-11
Douglass, Anna
Douglass, Jesse
Douglass, Roxana
Griffith, Arthur S. Sr.
Griffith, Edward Crowell
Griffith, Howard W.
Hatton, Laura E.J.
Leonard, Louisa P.F.
Leonard, W. L.

Section C-12
Griffith, Anne Macleod Metcalf
Griffith, Charlotte C.
Griffith, George T.
Westgate, Abbot D. & Hiram L.

Section C-13
Hathaway, Albert S.
Hathaway, Benjamin & Annie
Hathaway, Hannah
Westgate, Abbot & Freemont
Westgate, Alice M.
Westgate, Cynthia
Westgate, Jonathan
Westgate, Sophronia

Section C-14
Hathaway, Mary E.
Hathaway, Heman S.
Hathaway, Hannah
Westgate, Sophronia
Briggs, Ruthetta E.

Section C-15
Hall, Bradford H.
Hall, Bradford L.
Hall, Harriet N.
Hall, Mary E.
Hall, Sarah S.
Hall, Stephen W.
Hall, Virginia E.
Hathaway, Harriet N.

Section C-16
Savery, Elizabeth
Savery, John W.

Section C-17
Allen, Lydia A. Savery
Savary, Capt.Benjamin & Lydia W.
Savary, Eliza Whitlock
Savery, Narcissa
Whitlock, Cyrus
Whitlock, Elizabeth D.

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