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Section A list with Surnames in alphabetical order

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Barrows, Abisha, Dec 31 1796 - May 27 1887
Barrows, Abisha Capt., d Mar 17 1808, age 36y 2m 14d
Barrows, Anna, Sep 9 1782 - Sep 29 1811, w Maj. William
Barrows, Carrie, Apr 15 1818 - Apr 29 1884, w Jonathan T.
Barrows, Charles, Jul 5 1820 - 1822, son William and Lucy T.
Barrows, Eliza, Oct 20 1798 - Apr 3 1879, w Abisha
Barrows, Jonathan T., Mar 6 1814 - Aug 31 1866
Barrows, Judith, d Jul 16 1855, age 78y 10m 9d, w Capt. Abisha
Barrows, Lucy Thacher, d Mar 6 1845, in 64th yr, w Maj. William
Barrows, William Maj., Nov 3 1778 - Dec 27 1866
Barrows, William W., Jul 25 1804 - 1819, died at sea, son Maj. William and Anna
Barrows, Willie Thacher, d Oct 6 1849, age 6m 6d, son Jonathan T. and Caroline
Bartlett, Araunah, d Jun 27 1834, in 63rd yr
Bartlett, Asa Capt., d Feb 4 1839, age 49y
Bartlett, Asa D., d Oct 12 1830, age 17y, son Capt.Asa and Sally
Bartlett, Asa M., d Jul 8 1858, age 21y 4m, died at sea, on stone with Sarah O.
Bartlett, Judith, d Sep 14 1875, age 82y 5m, w Rufus
Bartlett, Mozart K., d Dec 14 1835, age 7y, son Capt. Asa and Sally
Bartlett, Remember, d Oct 29 1836, age 64y, w Arunah
Bartlett, Remember, Jan 5 1807 - Apr 6 1872
Bartlett, Rufus, d Feb 3 1863, age 60y 9m
Bartlett, Sarah O., d Oct 20 1856, age 64y, w Capt. Asa, "Our mother"
Bartlett, Spencer, d Feb 27 1844, age 1y 11m 17d, son Spencer and Abigail B.
Bates, Sarah, d Dec 18 1830, age 83y 10m, w Capt. Thomas
Bates, Thomas Capt., d Oct 17 1823, in 73rd yr
Benson, John, d Mar 11 1834, age 40y
Bent, Abigail, d Sep 7 1818, age 43y, w Francis
Bent, Barnabas S., d Aug 16 1837, age 6y 1m 23d, son James & Deborah
Bent, Francis, d Oct 27 1828, age 74y
Bent, James, d Nov 24, 1795, age 22d, son Francis & Abigail
Besse, Abigail, d May 11 1850, age 88y 6m 19d, w Silas
Besse, Andrew, Feb 21 1841, age 70y
Besse, Ansel, d Jul 27 ????, [taken completely from Thatcher - "stone old and broken"]
Besse, Betsey, d Jan 13 1843, age 66y, w David
Besse, David, d Aug 9 1849, in 80th yr
Besse, Eunice M. Holmes, Jul 18 1789 - Oct 25 1872, b Plymouth, d Wareham, w Mr. A[ndrew]. Besse
Besse, George H., d Aug 16 1837, age 1y 5m 4d, son Joshua B. and Nancy
Besse, Joshua B., Feb 14 1795 - May 8 1874
Besse, Lathrop A., d Jan 14 1827, age 14y 7m, son David and Betsey
Besse, Nancy Nichols, Jun 10 1798 - Dec 24 1884, w Joshua B.
Besse, Phebe S., d Jan 11 1835, age 21y 3m 12d, w Ansell
Besse, Rebecca E., d Mar 25 1844, age 10y 10m 25d, dau Ansel and Phebe S.
Besse, Robert, d Jan 27 1845, in 74th yr
Besse, Silas, d May 22 1846, age 87y 7m 22d
Besse, Thankful, d Oct 10 1822, age 51y, w Andrew
Bodfish, Robert, Apr 10 1772 - Jan 5 1827, in 55th yr
Bodfish, Sarah, Jun 29 1772 - Jun 13 1856, w Robert
Bozworth, Elisabeth, d 23 Sep 1778, dau Joseph and Mary [date from VR]
Briggs, Albert, d May 16 1832, age 1m, son Perez F. and Hannah
Briggs, Ansel, d Sep 26 1834, age 36y
Briggs, Benjamin, d Jul 5 1805, in 71st yr, [Thatcher has 3rd; age from Thatcher]
Briggs, Benjamin, d Jun 29 1826, age 71y
Briggs, Cornelius, d Feb 22 1803, in 2d y, son Benjamin & Elezabeth
Briggs, Elezabeth, d Apr 23 1795, in 65th yr, w Benjamin [Thatcher has 25th]
Briggs, Hannah, d Oct 1 1840, in 47th yr, w Capt. Perez F.
Briggs, Jesse, d Apr 7 1795, age unreadable [3y 2m 16d from VR], son Jesse & Betty, [b Jan 22 1792]
Briggs, Mary, d Jul 26 1793, in 43rd yr, w Perez, Lincoln has in 64th yr.
Briggs, Nathan, d Jun 18 1798, in 82nd yr
Briggs, Perez, d May 8 1834, in 86th yr, hus Mary
Briggs, Perez F. Capt., d Oct 9 1838, in 47th yr
Briggs, Ruth, d Apr 10 1820, in 73rd yr, w Ens. Perez
Briggs, Sarah, d Jul 15 1792, in 73rd yr, w Nathan
Briggs, Sarah, d Mar 16 1808, age 4 y 8m, dau Benjamin & Elizabeth
Briggs, Sarah, d Jan 31 1810, age 24y, "Miss"
Briggs, Son, d Jan 1802, son Benjamin & Elizabeth, [possibly Thomas, b Mar 30 1794, from VR]
Bryant, Deborah A., d Sep 19 1843, age 6m, dau Joseph & Amanda M. F.
Bumpus, Achsah, d Mar 30 1845, in 76th yr, w Asa
Bumpus, Albert, d Apr 11 1818, age 5m 22d, son Benjamin and Abigail
Bumpus, Albert, d Oct 11 1822, age 5m 22d, son Benjamin and Abigail
Bumpus, Ann H., d Nov 15 1850, age 36y 1m, w Jeremiah G.
Bumpus, Asa, d Mar 4 1837, age 79y
Bumpus, Elizabeth, d Feb 12 1831, age 81y, w Capt. Jeremiah
Bumpus, Henry H., d May 18 1848, age 6y 2m 16d, son Jeremiah and Anna H.
Bumpus, Jeremiah Capt., d Sep 4 1828, age 76y
Bumpus, Lucy, d Jun 5 1824, age 19y 9m 7d, w Watson, dau Ezra and Lucy Swift [vital records has born Aug 29 1804]
Bumpus, Sophia Ann, d Nov 14 1821, age 17y, dau Asa and Achsah
Bumpus, Watson, d Aug 15 1825, age 1y 7m 27d, son Watson and Lucy
Bunker, Betsey, d Jan 12 1834, in 70th yr, w John
Burbank, Anna Doggett, Nov 5 1839 - Mar 15 1870, dau P. F. and L. M. Doggett, w Walter D. Burbank
Butler, Nancy, d Jan 19 1808, age 15m, dau James and Hannah, d Rochester, of Barnstable

Caswell, Alfred B., Nov 4 1812 - Aug 19 1881
Caswell, Edgar A., d May 6 1836, age 3y 6m, son of Alfred B. & Charity M.
Caswell, Thaddeus F., d Apr 3 1853, age 1y 11m 3d, son Alfred B. & Charity, [data from VR]
Childs, Eliza B., d Feb 5 1863, age 30y 6m 18d, w Henry E., dau P. and H. Keith
Christie, James, d Jan 7 1833, in 73rd yr
Christie, Mary, d Nov 1 1830, age 75y, w James
Crocker, Adeline Beal, d Dec 10 1834, age 2y 2m 10d, dau Ebenezer and Phebe
Crocker, Bethiah, d Oct 14 1820, in 62nd yr, w Timothy
Crocker, Ebenezer, Oct 9 1797 - Jun 25 1845
Crocker, Eliza L., d Jun 17 1830, age 1y 1m 10d, dau Ebenezer and Phebe
Crocker, Henry F., d Jul 31 1841, age 9m 15d, son Ebenezer and Phebe
Crocker, Lucy, d Aug 20 1822, age 29y 5m 24d, dau Timothy and Bethiah
Crocker, Mercy, d Nov 19 1821, age 32y 1m 2d, Timothy and Bethiah
Crocker, Phebe Maria, d Aug 16 1838, age 8m 2d, dau Dea. Ebenezer and Phebe
Crocker, Phebe S., d Oct 15 1891, age 86y, w Ebenezer
Crocker, Polly, d Jul 11 1825, age 40y 6m 19d, dau Timothy and Bethiah
Crocker, Sally, d Dec 4 1800, age 1y 1m 22d, dau Dea. Timothy and Bethiah, [days from Thatcher]
Crocker, Thatcher H., d Aug 14 1843, age 9m 3d, son Ebenezer and Phebe
Crocker, Timothy Dea., d Dec 1 1822, age 71y 1m 15d

Doggett, Lucy Maria, 1807 - 1885, w Perez Fobes
Doggett, Perez Fobes, M.D., 1807 - 1875

Ellis, Abby F., d Oct 20 1844, age 11 wks, dau Nathan B. & Elizabeth S., [Sep 23 in WCR]
Ellis, Elizabeth S., d Dec 9 1846, age 24y, w Nathan B., [nee Young]
Ellis, Elmira Crocker, d Oct 18 1822, age 9y 3m 4d, dau Samuel & Ruth
Ellis, Elnathan, d Oct 13 1849, age 48y 6m
Ellis, Margaret D., w H. G. O. Esq. [data not extant]
Ellis, Nathan B., d Sep 3 1846, age 12 wks, son Nathan B. & Elizabeth S., [Aug 28 in WCR]
Ellis, Rebecca, d Dec 17 1843, age 63y, w Matthias
Ellis, Ruth, d Nov 1861, age 78y, w Samuel
Ellis, Samuel, d Aug 21 1838, age 56y 8m 3d
Everett, Hannah, d Dec 21 1883, age 91y
Everett, Hannah B., d Mar 11 1880, age 71y 3m 6d, w John L.
Everett, John L., d Jun 4 1868, age 68y 1m 14d, son Rev. Noble
Everitt, Abigail, Aug 30 1845, in 85th yr
Everitt, Edward, d Oct 6 1839, age 10m, son John L. and Mercy
Everitt, Josiah, d Jul 14 1881, age 92y
Everitt, Lucy, d Sep 3 1867, age 76y
Everitt, Lydia W., d Jul 23 1867, age 70y, w Josiah
Everitt, Mercy J., d Jan 9 1839, in 26th yr, w John L.
Everitt, Noble Rev., d Dec 30 1819, in 73rd yr

Fearing, Elisha P., d Mar 13 1828, age 13m, ch Benjamin & Johanna, [d Mar 20 from VR]
Fearing, Elizabeth Nye, Sep 3 1781 - Sep 6 1842, w William
Fearing, Israel Gen., d Mar 2 1826, age 78y
Fearing, Lucy, d Mar 17 1828, age 79y, w Gen. Israel
Fearing, William, Jun 6 1771 - Mar 26 1845
Fobes, Isaac, d Apr 30 1818, age 6m 7d, son Isaac and Mary
Fobes, Mary, d Nov 23 1818, in 26th yr, w Lt. Isaac

Galtt, Ellen L., d Jul 14 1846, age 4y 8m 5d, dau John Jr. and Hannah
Galtt, Thomas, d Jul 16 1833, age 20y
Gibbs, Abigail, d Jun 16 1830, age 78y, w Thomas
Gibbs, Charles, d Nov 10 1811, age 21y 4m 3d, son Dea. Joshua and Hannah
Gibbs, Deborah, d Sep 2 1849, age 63y 4m 26d, w Joseph
Gibbs, Hannah C., d Aug 16 1847, in 87th yr, w Dea. Joshua
Gibbs, Joseph, d Jan 5 1872, age 90y 2m 21d
Gibbs, Joshua Dea., d May 6 1839, in 88th yr
Gibbs, Mary H., d Jul 10 1813, age 4y 8m 5d, dau William and Mercy
Gibbs, Mercy, d Jun 22 1827, age 42y 6m 6d, w Capt. William
Gibbs, Thomas, d Feb 11 1833, age 82y
Gurney, Jane, d Aug 17 1848, age 63y, w Lemuel

Harvey, Mercy, d Feb 9 1859, age 96y, w William
Harvey, William, d Jan 15 1831, age 43y, [taken completely from Thatcher]
Hay, Charles, Nov 11 1797 - Nov 27 1837, b Portland Me., d Wareham Mass.
Hay, Henrietta B., d Aug 10 1844, age 38y, w Charles
Hay, Henrietta Smith, d Jul 16 1834, age 6y 2m 5d, dau Charles and Henrietta B.
Heath, Mary E., d Jan 3 1854, age 17y 5m, dau Thomas & [Loveday], [confirmed from VR]
Holmes, Hannah Littlejohn, d Nov 28 1881, age 79y 9m, w Rufus, duplicate 1802 - 1881
Holmes, Harriet P., d Jul 24 1842, age 2y, dau Jonathan and Mercy H. [1st name from Lincoln]
Holmes, Lewis, d Aug 3 1845, age 27y 8m
Holmes, Margaret H., d Jun 13 1838, age 22y 7m 12d, w James
Holmes, Philo Leonard, d Sep 18 1836, age 1y 5m, son Rufus and Hannah
Holmes, Rufus, d Mar 20 1839, age 35y, duplicate 1804 - 1839
Holmes, William M., d Nov 4 1875, age 65y 1m 4d
Howe, Lurana S., d May 31 1828, age 5m, dau Martin and Lurana S.
Hoyt, Edward J., d Nov 20 1829, son John
Hussey, Margaret, d Feb 23 1836, age 84y 3m, w Jethro Esq. of Nantucket
Hyatt, Ida Cushing, d Sep 4 1878, age 33y

Jenney, Elizabeth, d Jul 22 1825, age 1y 3m, dau Smith & Ruth, [VR has 21st]

Keith, Hannah C., d Mar 2 1844, age 5y 7d, dau Philander and Harriet
Keith, Harriet J., d Mar 19 1844, age 9y 1m 5d, dau Philander and Harriet
Keith, Harriet, d Nov 6 1876, age 75y 8m 3d, w Philander
Keith, Philander, d Aug 6 1866, age 65y 5m 1d
Kenney, Nahum, d Mar 19 1829, age 24y
King, Elizabeth F., d Jan 23 1837, age 6m 15d, dau Phineas & Fanny
Kinney, Elizabeth, d Jun 24 1843, age 44y, w Lewis
Kinney, Hannah B., d Jun 12 1852, age 79y 10m, w Elijah
Kinney, Hannah C. Gibbs, Sep 22 1802 - Aug 26 1869, w Lewis
Kinney, Lewis, Dec 11 1796 - Jan 30 1872, b Stoughton

Lee, Catharine A., d Aug 26 1851, age 9m 3d, dau John F. and Catherine M.
Lee, Charles H., d Sep 29 1849, age 5m, son John F. and Catherine M.
Leonard, Benajah, d Aug 18 1795, age 11m, son Benajah & Deborah
Leonard, Benajah, d Aug 26 1815, in 51st yr
Leonard, Charles H., d Jul 9 1806, son Ichabod and Sarah, mostly from Lincoln
Leonard, Charles Henry, d Apr 25 1830, age 20y 7m 10d, son Ichabod and Sarah
Leonard, Charles R., d Nov 12 1807, age 10m 17d, son James and Mary
Leonard, Charles S., Apr 9 1799 - Sep 2 1820, died at sea buried at Fayal
Leonard, Deborah, d Apr 11 1847, age 74y, w Benajah
Leonard, Eliza, d Aug 9 1823, age 16y 6m 1d, Ichabod and Sarah
Leonard, Elizabeth, d Oct 23 1821, age 18y 10m 12d, w Joseph B., dau Timothy and Elizabeth Savery
Leonard, George P., Apr 15 1802 - Sep 12 1875
Leonard, Ichabod, d Jul 17 1831, age 68y 3m 19d
Leonard, Lucy, d Nov 23 1844, age 74y, w Rowland Esq.
Leonard, Mary, d Dec 4 1797, age 4m, dau Rowland and Lucy, [b Jul 31 1797, from VR]
Leonard, Mary, d Oct 16 1811, dau Ichabod and Sarah, mostly from Lincoln
Leonard, Mary, d Sep 20 1830, age 18y 11m 20d, dau Ichabod and Sarah
Leonard, Rebecca W., d Sep 27 1834, age 19y 6m 21d, w Philo P.
Leonard, Rowland Esq., d Nov 3 1838, age 78y
Leonard, Sarah Ann Mackie, d Oct 8 1831, age 14y 8m 6d, dau Ichabod and Sarah
Leonard, Sarah Mackie, d Jul 14 1843, age 68y 3m, w Ichabod
Leonard, William Augustus, d Aug 10 1832, age 18y 7m 17d, son Ichabod and Sarah
Luce, Elizabeth Fearing, Oct 20 1814 - Mar 29 1882, w Capt. James C.
Luce, James C., d Jul 9 1879
Luce, Mary B., d Apr 13 1836, age 26y, w Capt. James C., during her husband's voyage to England leaving a son 8 days old
Luce, Willie Fearing, d 1854, age 11y, died at sea

Macker, Henrietta, d Mar 19 1836, age 13y
Macker, J----a, d Jul 5 1843, age 19[y?]
Murdock, Hannah N. Fearing, d Nov 30 1833, age 24y, dau William Fearing Esq., "My Wife"

Nye, Harriet N., d Jan 29 1844, age 24y, dau Samuel and Polly
Nye, Mary, d Apr 25 1869, age 86y, w Samuel
Nye, Samuel, d Nov 3 1858, age 78y

Pascall, Emma, d Apr 6 1831, age 30y, w Richard, a native of Sulop. England
Plumb, Edwin C., d Jun 9 1844, age 17y 7m 13d, son Samuel H. and Mary of Nantucket, erected by Thomas S. Nye
Presho, Joseph Jr., Nov 27 1792 - Jul 22 1826, in 34th yr, b at Raynham, d at Wareham

Reed, Abel, d Feb 15 1855, age 66y 10m
Reed, Lucretia, d Sep 5 1833, age 29y, w Abel
Rider, Betsy S., d Sep 1816, dau Lt. Chapman and Zilpha
Ripley, Phebe, d Oct 12 1844, in 58th yr, w Joseph S.
Ryan, Catherine P., Dec 23 1807 - Feb 11 1892
Ryan, Elizabeth, d Nov 28 1852, age 16y 7m 22d, dau Joseph and Catherine, [VR has d on 30th]
Ryan, Joseph, Co. A 20th Mass. Inf., Military marker
Ryan, Mary, Feb 11 1835 - Oct 19 1899
Ryan, William, d Nov 1 1852, age 4y 4m 3d, son Joseph and Catherine

S., E., d Jul 10 1794, unknown footstone
Savery, Benjamin, d May 25 1840, age 23y 10m, on passage from Cuba to Alexandria
Savery, Cyrus, d May 9 1828, age 23y
Savery, Deliverance Clifton, Sep 26 1753 - Mar 11 1828, w Isaac, mother of 12 children
Savery, Elizabeth, d Jan 20 1847, in 71st yr, w Capt. Timothy
Savery, Isaac, d Jan 23 1825, age 81y
Savery, Mary Ann, d Feb 3 1829, age 2y 4m 22d, dau Lemuel and Celina
Savery, Sarah, d Dec 29 1821, age 12y 9m 9d, dau Timothy and Elizabeth
Savery, Timothy Jr. Capt., d Feb 6 1852, in 40th yr, d Columbia California, son Capt. Timothy and Elizabeth
Savery, Timothy Capt., d Feb 18 1842, age 68y 2m
Savery, Uriah Capt., d Oct 12 1824, age 42y 10m 12d
Smith, Jemima, d Nov 21 1838, age 69y 8m
Smith, Nancy, d Oct 16 1850, age 78y 7m 6d, w Peter
Smith, Peter, d Sep 18 1854, age 83y 3m 16d
Sparrow, Elizabeth E., d Dec 20 1836, age 1y 19d, dau Josiah and Presilah
Stephens, Paul, d Jun 1 1798, in 32nd yr
Stuard, John P., d Mar 14 1840, age 1y 15d, son Cyrus and Parney B.
Sturtevant, Ruthey, b Sep 14 1804, age 1y 7m 4d, dau Jon'n & Ruthey
Sturtevant, Salome, d Jun 19 1790, age 20y, dau Josiah Esq.and Lois
Swift, Asa Capt., d Sep 3 1833, in 90th yr
Swift, Betsey, d Oct 20 1824, age 68y, w Lemuel
Swift, Charles G., d May 19 1838, age 24y, only son Hallett and Sylvia, killed by a whale in Pacific O.
Swift, Hallett Capt., d Jun 15 1835, age 63y 3m
Swift, Harriet N., d Jan 1 1839, age 21y, dau Hallett and Sylvia
Swift, Lemuel, d Aug 30 1822, age 70y
Swift, Lemuel, d Aug 12 1849, age 62y
Swift, Lucia Maria, d Oct 17 1828, age 10m 12d, dau Ansel & Rebekah
Swift, Lucy, d May 3 1825, age 80y 5m, w Capt. Asa
Swift, Sylvia, d Feb 18 1859, age 74y 5m 1d, w Capt. Hallett
Swift, Tirzah, d Jun 27 1830, age 40y, w Lemuel (Jr.)

Thatcher, Lucy, d Mar 2 1772, in 21st yr, dau Mr. Rowland [taken completely from Thatcher except name]
Tobey, Benjamin Capt., d Mar 21 1824, age 75y
Tobey, Zeruiah, d May 8 1809, age 62y 11m, w Capt. Benjamin

Washburn, Azel, d Jan 9 1829, age 7m 16d, son Azel and Lucy, [PHP only with input from VR May 24 1828 - Jan 9 1829]
Washburn, Benjamin F., d Feb 26 1832, age 6y 3m 9d, son Rowland and Betsey
Washburn, Deborah, d Jan 1 1834, age 3m 16d, dau Azel and Lucy, [PHP only with input from VR Sep 13 1833 - Jan 1 1834]
Washburn, Ebenezer B., d Oct 18 1829, age 2y 10m, son [William and] Eliza
White, Andrew, d Nov 13 1802, age 1y 4m, son Capt. Ebenezer and Abigail, [date and age from Lincoln]
White, Ann J., d Jul 26 1814, age 34y [26?]d, w Capt. Resolved
White, Betsy, d Jul 30 1796, age 40y, w Ebenezer
Wilbar, Joseph Henry, d May 21 1843, son [Marshall Jr. and] Olive
Wilbar, Lydia, d Feb 22 1827, age 33y, w Charles
Winslow, Joseph, d Apr 11 1829, age 8m, son Joseph and Rebecca
Winslow, Rebecca, d Aug 11 1830, age 5wks, dau Joseph and Rebecca
Winslow, Rebecca, d Jul 21 1830, age 18y, w Joseph
Wood, Margaret, d Sep 12 1831, age 25y 5m 23d, w Abner
Wood, Margaret B., d Jun 22 1830, age 14m, dau Abner and Margaret
Wyllis, Bradford, d Dec 22 1832, age 29y

Young, Joseph, d Mar 15 1845, age 45y
Young, Mary, d Apr 24 1846, age 49y, w Joseph
Young, Temperance, d Jul 29 1846, age 73y, w Zacheus
Young, Zacheus, d Nov 25 1846, age 73y

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