DIED JULY 21, 1865

                                          SPIRIT! THEY LABOR IS O'ER.
                                          THY TERM OF PROBATION IS RUN.
                                          THY STEPS ARE NOW BOUND FOR THE UNTRODDED SHORE
                                          AND THE RACE OF IMMORTALS BEGUN.

                                          SPIRIT! LOOK NOT ON THE STRIFE
                                          OR THE PLEASURES OF EARTH WITH REGRET,
                                          NOR PAUSE ON THE THRESHOLD OF IMMORTAL LIFE
                                          TO MOURN FOR THE DAY THAT IS SET.

                                          SPIRIT! NO FETTERS CAN BIND,
                                          NO WICKED HAVE POWER TO MOLEST.
                                          THERE THE WEARY LIKE THEE, THERE THE MOURNER SHALL FIND
                                          A HEAVEN, A MANSION OF REST.

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