Abbreviations Used In Wareham Vital Records Abstracts

as transcribed by
Richard W. Griffith CG, 1996

ackn. = acknowledged
aft. = after
B = Bowman transcript in Mayflower Descendant
b. = born
bef. = before
betw. = between
bpt. = baptized
ch. = child [of]
d. = died or days, depending on context
dec'd. = deceased
dup. = duplicate
FN = first name
h. = husband [of]
int. = marriage intentions
L = Lincoln transcript
LE = Lincoln transcript of Everett transcript
LN = last name
m. = married or months, depending on context
m. * = marriage with no intentions recorded
MI = middle initial
MN = middle name
publ. = published
rec. = recorded
res. = residence or resided
ret. = returned
s. = son [of]
SB = Sylvanus Bourne papers at Wareham Free Library
VR = vital records
w. = wife [of]
w/ = with
WCR = Wareham Church Records [Leonard H. Smith Jr.]
y. = years
yr. = year

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