Civil War Participants from Wareham, Massachusetts


Those marked with a "+" gave up their lives in this war.

Those shown with a note (1) are ONLY listed in History of Wareham by the Rev. Noble Warren Everett, which is part of the larger work, History of Plymouth County, Mass. comp. by D. Hamilton Hurd (Philadelphia, PA: J. W. Lewis & Co., 1884).

Those shown with note (2) are ONLY listed on the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Monument erected on the Town Green, Wareham, MA, in 1904.

All others are listed in both of the above sources.

 Ackerman, Thomas
 Alden, Joseph A.
 Allen, Frederick S.
 Allen, George H.
 Andrews, John
+Ashton, William
+Atwood, Marcus
 Atwood, Warren
 Baker, Asa B.
 Bartlett, John M.
 Battles, Alexander G.
 Battles, Benjamin
 Battles, Nathaniel L.
 Battles, Otis L.
 Benson, Elnathan
 Benson, Howard T.
 Benson, Isaac
 Benson, Jeremiah
 Benson, Nathaniel
+Benson, Samuel
 Bent, Joseph F.
 Besse, Benjamin B.
+Besse, Christopher C.
 Besse, Elisha G.
+Besse, George W.
 Besse, Ichabod
 Besse, James W.
+Besse, Joshua 2d
 Besse, Lothrop A.
 Besse, Sidney C.
 Besse, Theodore S.  (2)
+Blackwell, James L.
 Briggs, Lawrence B.
 Brosnahan, James
 Brosnahan, Timothy
 Brown, Joseph
 Bryant, James L.
 Buckston, John H.
 Bugbee, Henry W.
 Bumpus, Benjamin C.
+Bumpus, Benjamin F.
 Bumpus, Charles W.
 Bumpus, Charles W. Jr.
+Bumpus, David C.
 Bumpus, Francis G.
 Bumpus, George W.  (1)
 Bumpus, Henry F.
 Bumpus, Henry W.
 Bumpus, Hiram W.
 Bumpus, Hosea C.
 Bumpus, Linus D.
 Bumpus, Lysander N.
 Bumpus, Martin A.
 Bumpus, Owen
 Bumpus, Rueben A.
 Burgess, Benjamin F. (Dr.)  (2)
 Burgess, Ebenezer
 Burgess, Thomas A.
 Butler, Ephraim D.
 Campbell, John
 Campbell, John J.
 Campbell, John Jr.
 Cannon, Caleb L.
 Cannon, John
+Carroll, John J.
 Casey, Timothy
 Caswell, Leander W.
 Caswell, Linus D.  (2)
 Caswell, Lyman N.
 Chubbuck, Warren
+Clifton, Benjamin D.
+Connell/Cornel, James
+Cox, Patrick
+Coyne, Patrick
 Crocker, Harvey
 Curran, Thomas
 Curtis, Albert W.
 Davidson, John
 Dean, Jerome C.
 Doolan, James  (1)
 Doty, Benjamin F.
 Doty, James M.
 Doty, William S.
 Dowling, Thomas  (2)
+Drew, Stephen H.
 Dunham, George W.
 Dunham, Isaac C.
 Dunham, Joseph W.
 Edson, John M.
+Edson, William A.
 Eldridge, Peter V.
 Ellis, Ebenezer Jr.
 Ellis, Warren
 Fearing, Benjamin (M.D.)  (2)
 Fisk, Nathan A.
 Ford, James
 Franklin, Charles
+French, George H.
 Galt, John T.
 Gammons, Edward A.
 Gammons, George N.
 Gammons, John W.
 Gammons, Samuel N.
 Green, Thomas W.
 Gurney, Rufus H.
 Hackett, Patrick
 Haley, Jeremiah C.
 Hall, Sylvester S.
 Hammond, Abial S.
 Hammond, George W.
 Harlow, Aaron S.
+Harlow, Horatio Gates
 Harlow, James A.
 Harlow, Lemuel
 Harris, Abel T.
 Hartford, George
 Hartford, Patrick
 Hartford, Thomas
 Haskins, Henry F.
+Haskins, John A.
 Haskins, Leonard B.
 Haskins, Thomas C.
+Hatch, Thomas S.
 Hathaway, Albert F.
 Hathaway, Benjamin F.
 Hathaway, Benjamin F. Jr.
 Hathaway, Gardner B.
 Hathaway, Nathaniel G.
 Hatteran, Michael
+Hayden, Joseph
 Heath, George M.
 Holland, Dennis
 Holmes, George H.
 Holmes, Orin H.
 Howell, Elijah J.
 Hurd, Joseph R.
 Ingraham, William H.
 Jackson, Martin
 Johnson, Uriel M.
 Johnson, William V.
 Keyes, Benjamin S.
 King, Rufus H.
 King, William
 Kinney, Edward
 Kirke, Herman
 Lachore, Martin
 Lennon, John A.
+Leonard, James T. Jr.
 Leonard, William L.
 Little, William C. S.
 Longendycke, Lucas
+Loring, George H.
 Lovell, Gorham
 Lovell, H. H. P.
 Lovell, Reuben P.  (1)
+Madigan, James
 Madigan, Michael
 Maniman, James F.  (2)
 Manniman, John
(also see "McManiman")
 Mannisuder, John
+Manter, John D.
 Maxim, Jacob
 Maxim, John M.
 McCabe, John
 McManiman, Nathan F.
 McManiman, Seth F. T.
 Morrison, John Jr.
 Morse, Andrew Jr.
 Morse, Jennison G.
 Morse, Luther
 Morse, Oliver A.
 Morse, Samuel W.
 Morse, Seth C.
 Morse, Tilson A.
 Mullen, John
 Murdock, Charles C.
 Murdock, Frank W.
 Murphy, Daniel
+Nelson, John W.
 Nickerson, Frederick U.
 Nickerson, Hiram  (2)
 Nickerson, Ivory H.
 Nickerson, James T.
 Nickerson, Joseph T.
 Nickerson, Maranda
 Nickerson, Simeon L.  (2)
 Nightingale, Jeremiah T.
 Nye, Benjamin S.
 O'Connell, Richard F.
+Oldham, Isaac T.
+Oldham, John R.
+Oldham, John S.
 Packard, Charles M.
+Paddock, Theodore E.
 Perry, Alexander R.
 Perry, David 2d
+Perry, David A.
 Perry, Elisha D.
 Phillips, Thomas
 Pierce, Anthony L.
 Pierce, Gamaliel
 Pierce, George H.
 Pierce, Joshua D.
 Pierce, Weldon S.  (2)
 Pittsley, Charles P.
 Pittsley, Nathaniel
+Pratt, Andrew T.
 Pratt, Frederick A.
 Pratt, Sylvester
 Prouty, Orlando C.
 Raymond, Henry G.  (1)
 Raymond, William B.
 Robbins, George H.
 Robbins, Theodore P.
 Robinson, Samuel A.
 Rogers, John
 Rogers, William T.
 Rounseville, William H.
 Russell, Isaac
 Russell, Isaiah A.
+Russell, James R.
+Russell, Stephen S.
 Ryan, James
 Ryan, Joseph
 Ryder, Charles
 Ryder, George F.  (1)
 Sampson, John
 Seaver, Joseph N.
 Shaw, Luther F.
 Sherman, Hiram F.
 Shores, Albert F.
 Shurtleff, Seth H.
 Snell, Alexander
+Snell, Joseph
 Snell, William
 Staples, William F.
 Stevens, Edward R.
+Stringer, Archibald
 Stuart, Hiram F.
 Sullivan, Jeremiah
 Sullivan, Mark
 Sweet, Isaiah W.
 Sweet, Samuel
 Swift, Daniel E.
 Swift, David S.  (2)
 Swift, Ebenezer (Gen.)
+Swift, Julian W.
 Swift, William W.
 Taylor, George G.
 Tenney, Stephen
 Thomas, Harrison O.
 Thomas, Henry M.
 Thompson, Charles
 Thompson, George A.
 Thompson, James F.
+Tinkham, Joseph W.
 Tobey, Theodore F.
 Tripp, John Q. A.
 Tripp, Stephen F.
 Turner, Simon W.
 Walsh, John A. (Lt.)
 Walsh, William
 Westgate, Aaron M.
 Westgate, Cyrus F.
+Westgate, Daniel
 Westgate, David Jr.
 Westgate, Joseph
 Westgate, William
 Wing, Joshua G.
 Winsby, Henry W.

 Allen, John S.
 Atwood, Eben H.
 Babcock, George B.
 Benson, Lathrop W.
 Benson, Marcus M.
 Besse, Ansel
 Borden, William H.
 Bourne, Benjamin C.
 Briggs, Charles H.
 Briggs, George I.
 Bumpus, Benjamin
 Burgess, Benjamin H.
 Burgess, Isaac T.
 Caswell, Alfred B. Jr.
 Chipman, George E.
 Chubbuck, Benjamin C.
 Crittenden, John F.
 Danforth, Charles C.
 Darrow, Charles W.
 Dumbolton, James A.
+Ellis, Harrison
 Gibbs, William P.
 Hamblin, Lemuel H. ("Samuel" on Monument)
 Harrington, Patrick ("Hamilton" on Monument)
 Harris, George L.  (2)
 Harris, Leonard S.
 Hathaway, Joseph T.
 Hogan, Edward  (2)
 Hogan, John  (2)
 Keith, Philander Jr.
 King, Frank B.
 King, John D.
 Long, Nathan C.
 May, Charles H.
 May, Francis A.
 Merrithew, George H.
 Murphy, Jeremiah
 Nickerson, William A.
 Nightingale, Charles W.
 Perry, George H.
 Pierce, Thomas
 Raymond, Moses B.
 Reed, Andrew W.
 Robinson, Zimri S.
 Runnells, Samuel B.
 Ryder, Charles H.
 Savary, Adolphus
 Sherman, Joseph S.
 Silsby, Samuel T.
 Smith, Oliver
 Spence, Henry C.
 Stuart, Frederick A.
 Tobey, George O.  (2)
 Weaver, Calvin R.
 Wing, Joshua G.

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