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The following index covers obituaries in the Wareham Courier issues from 1905-1918 and 1931-1998. Intervening issues were destroyed in 1938, by a hurricane and flood which inundated the Courier office in downtown Wareham. The index data was recorded by Betty Ames between 1997 and 2000 and compiled by Betty Ames and Frances Florindo in April 2000. The indexing project was sponsored by the Wareham Free Library, and is provided with the permission of Mary Jane Pillsbury, Library Director.


  1. The following index has been recorded and edited as carefully as possible. However, there is always the possibility of human error. Please send any corrections to the Wareham Free Library.
  2. The Library can provide photocopies of obituaries for a nominal fee of $3.00, which will include the look-up, cost of the copy and the postage for US mail. As is the case with many libraries, they are very short staffed, so may take some time to respond to obituary requests. Requests can be submitted via US mail, E-mail, fax, or phone. Payment will have to be sent via US mail.
    - The mailing address is: Wareham Free Library, 59 Marion Road,Wareham, MA 02571
    - Library E-mail is warehamcirc@sailsinc.org.
    - Phone is 508-295-2343.
    - Fax is 508-295-2678.
    - If you would like the material mailed, please remember to include your mailing address.
    - If you would like the copy of the obituary to be faxed, please remember to include your fax number with request (Faxes cost an additional $1 per page).
    - Checks or money orders should be made out to: Wareham Free Library.
  3. Because the older issues did not publish a standard obituary column, the early years have required a search of the entire issue for individual death notices.
  4. In the older issues, pages were often not numbered. These are noted as "N/L" (Not Listed) in the index.
  5. To facilitate access in a reasonable time, the index has been divided into sections, by beginning letter of last name. Please follow the following links to the surname you wish to see:

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